6. Technical drawings, CAD, 3D renders and prototypes
Explaining the process of prototyping
After all the design features are fixed it is time for 3D model, technical description, and engineering schemes.

Firstly the CAD model is done, which later is used for different purposes.
Designer applies different textures to parts of the model to make them look like they are done from a real material. So the case is getting steel pattern with polishing, dial gets carbon fiber texture and the strap is covered with Alcantara texture. Later on, this model with textured applied is fine-tuned on different software to get the final renders which can work as a reference for manufacturing.
Each and every part image is thoroughly described as text, so there is no misunderstanding between a designer who created the product and has his own vision and the engineer who will actually make the physical object based on that design.

Engineers are working with CAD model to disassemble it into segments and make engineering schemes for the factory, so each component has not only 3D but a 2D view with all the parameters mentioned in the scheme.

After all the 3D models, schemes and technical description are ready the prototyping stage begins.
As Pacemasters Paddock Chrono has a completely unique design (there are no stock or open market components used, apart from the movement), it took us around 4 months to get the first prototypes. The complexity comes from the molds, as each component have to be manufactured for the first time, so the mold is needed for each and every part.

After 4 months pass the first samples are being manufactured, which then go under testing to see if there are any issues with design or mechanicals. Finetuning of the prototypes might lead to another several rounds of prototypes to be done in order to get the final product, which later can be confirmed for mass production.
It is extremely important to get the experienced and flexible manufacturing partner who can not only implement all the design features you have, but who can be flexible with approach and look for solutions, but not explanations why it is hard to manufacture this or that part. It took as several months of negotiations to come to an agreement with our current factory. We are glad to work with a very experienced manufacturing partner so the first round of Pacemasters Paddock Chrono came out nearly perfect. There are minor issues we are going to fix in the 2nd round of prototypes, mostly aesthetics ones, related to finishing and painting.

Stay tuned...
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