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"Being in racing industry for many years it is not easy to find a watch that resembles the spirit of racing and does not look like some sort of official merchandise of the team or driver. The issue with most premium racing watches is that they're incredibly expensive, on the other side there are some really ordinary ones that just have a logo of something racing related, like a marque for example.

PaceMasters has found the balance of truly inspired racing watches with all these carbon fiber parts, acid yellow color and of course the Pit Board with different messages on it.

"Laps to go" sign would be my choice!"
George Andreev
Racing organizer
Safety&Marshalls director
at Sochi Autodrom
"Pacemasters has actually made something that draws a close resemblance to Formula racing, and it's something I'm glad to be associated with. What I like about the Paddock Chronograph is that it's made and designed by true racing enthusiasts and you can feel it in details. Also it's team independent. If you're a fan of racing, you can wear this watch. You're not tied to buying a specific team's watch. Drivers move from team to team and everyone has their good and bad years. Racing still goes on for drivers and fans. It's a part of life.

It's made and designed by true racing enthusiasts. It's the people that make a business, passionate people are some of the best ones.

    Brad Dias
    Race driver at Magnussen Racing Experience in
    Formula 4 Championship
    "PaceMaster's Paddock Chronograph includes all the features a true racing fan would expect of a driver's watch: chronograph timer, tachymeter scale, a carbon-fiber dial and even an Alcantara strap - material we are using in real racing cars interior.

    The most striking part is the Pit Board! It is located at 3 o'clock position and have a motivational message on it. Together with the current date indicator you instantly feel the racing atmosphere.

    As a race driver I can recognize the passion for motorsports you can see in every detail of Paddock Chrono"
    Konstantin Tereshenko
    Race driver at AVF by ADRIÁN VALLÉS in
    ELMS Championship
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